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April 2017

"I felt overall it was a wonderful place to go through a terrible thing. I would definitely come back if I found myself in the same dark place, and I would send anyone else here who is in that place." – Female, 44, Addiction Recovery

"The staff here has been wonderful, helpful and this experience has been life changing." – Female, 37, Addiction Recovery

"The building is very nice. The STAFF – AMAZING! Their genuine concern was so helpful. The groups were run professionally. I was helped so much. Thank you!" – Female, 53, Outpatient

"I am  so incredibly thankful for this program. I appreciate all the care I have been given. I want this to be a one and done, but if it is not I will come back here." – Female, 24, Mental Wellness

"I felt well cared for and valued as an individual with emotional needs." – Female, 66, Mental Wellness

March 2017

"This was a wonderful experience. I was nervous to start, but it was so positive. My therapists couldn't have been better." – Female, 45, Outpatient

"This is an excellent facility. The staff helped and treated me respectfully. I have already recommended this facility to anyone in need." – Female, 46, Outpatient

"This was an awesome experience for me. I got much more out of the program than I had anticipated." – Male, 24, Outpatient

 “I’m thankful to the staff for helping me work through my situation and being patient with me. This is a great place, and I'm glad I came." – Female, 49, Mental Wellness

"I have been blown away by everyone here. For the first time in my life, I feel ready and well equipped to deal with the "outside" world. From the bottom of my heart, thank you." – Female, 23, Mental Wellness

February 2017

"For it being my first attempt at sobriety in 23 years, I was very pleased by the attitude of the staff. Nurses, PCAs, even the cleaning and cafeteria staff were super pleasant. I have no idea how you all can come in here and be this positive." – Male, 40, Addiction Recovery

"Everything was great. What is left is up to me. Thanks." – Male, 59, Addiction Recovery

"The staff was great and helpful, the food was excellent, and the hospital was very clean. The therapist made the meetings a time where I learned many helpful things." – Female, 58, Addiction Recovery

"Good balance of structure and freedom. Love the outside time, a very comfortable facility!" – Female, 23, Mental Wellness

"The staff here genuinely cares, as if they were dealing with thier own children." – Male, 24, Mental Wellness

"My group leader really helped with the Cognit groups to help me see how I was thinking and looking at things the wrong way." – Male, 22, Mental Wellness

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