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March 2017

"This was a wonderful experience. I was nervous to start, but it was so positive. My therapists couldn't have been better." – Female, 45, Outpatient

"This is an excellent facility. The staff helped and treated me respectfully. I have already recommended this facility to anyone in need." – Female, 46, Outpatient

"This was an awesome experience for me. I got much more out of the program than I had anticipated." – Male, 24, Outpatient

 “I’m thankful to the staff for helping me work through my situation and being patient with me. This is a great place, and I'm glad I came." – Female, 49, Mental Wellness

"I have been blown away by everyone here. For the first time in my life, I feel ready and well equipped to deal with the "outside" world. From the bottom of my heart, thank you." – Female, 23, Mental Wellness

February 2017

"For it being my first attempt at sobriety in 23 years, I was very pleased by the attitude of the staff. Nurses, PCAs, even the cleaning and cafeteria staff were super pleasant. I have no idea how you all can come in here and be this positive." – Male, 40, Addiction Recovery

"Everything was great. What is left is up to me. Thanks." – Male, 59, Addiction Recovery

"The staff was great and helpful, the food was excellent, and the hospital was very clean. The therapist made the meetings a time where I learned many helpful things." – Female, 58, Addiction Recovery

"Good balance of structure and freedom. Love the outside time, a very comfortable facility!" – Female, 23, Mental Wellness

"The staff here genuinely cares, as if they were dealing with thier own children." – Male, 24, Mental Wellness

"My group leader really helped with the Cognit groups to help me see how I was thinking and looking at things the wrong way." – Male, 22, Mental Wellness

January 2017

"I had excellent therapists who are skilled and compassionate. The rec therapists were helpful. I wish everyone with depression could experience this care.” – Female, 48, Outpatient

"The staff you have is extremly caring and has natural talent with assisting their patients mentally and physically – in ways they probably don’t even notice." – Male, 23, Mental Wellness

"The staff was very friendly and helpful. Everyone went out their way to make sure everything was going well, I was setting goals and headed in the right direction." – Male, 66, Mental Wellness

"99% of the staff are completely awesome. They go above and beyond to help" – Female, 45, Addiction Recovery

December 2016

"I am amazed how much the people who work here care about the patients, and it is true caring. Thank you for having this valuable place in our community." – Male, 45, Mental Wellness

"Youngstown, Ohio, needs a Highland Springs facility. I am blessed and thankful for the help, support, guidance and care that I have received. Highland Springs has made a terrible experience for me into a life lesson of positive coping skills, knowing I can handle life’s issues in a healthy way. Thank you for helping me in so many ways." – Female, 41, Mental Wellness

"From the time I got off the EMS cart and entered Highland Springs it was an amazing experience. The staff was friendly and the programs were great. Thanks to all the staff – you all ROCK!" – Female, 32, Mental Wellness

"Fantastic program. Nicest facility I have ever seen as far as amenities go.  Staff was friendly and helpful, and you can tell they care. Overall, a great program. I was very impressed." – Female, 23, Mental Wellness

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